What’s happening today on Wall St

Owners of Zuccotti Park, the current home of Occupy Wall St, have delayed the temporary eviction of the protesters in order to power-wash the park.

Due to the numbers present and the number of supporters, some politicians urged the company evict the protesters. For the time being. Listen to the clip below. Thanks to Jan Slakov for forwarding this.

Dear Peace Coalitioners

Occupy Wall St has become a solidarity movement around the world. Across Canada on October 15, there will be groups of people occupying public space and echoing the dissatisfaction of the 99% with 1% rule for the 1%.

Join the 99% calling for change. We don’t know what this change looks like yet, but it’s in our hearts and determination. Join the People’s Assembly of Victoria. Find out about it.

Saturday October 15
at Noon
Centennial Square

Bring signs. For ideas, google Occupy Wall St.